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Immigration Physical
Complete your Medical exam for uscis in our clinic through our swift and seamless process
Wellness Exams
Annual Physicals, Well Womens exam, Sports physicals and Employment Physicals
Acute Illnesses And Injuries Treatment
treatment of coughs, Colds, Sprains, headches, etc
Chronic Illnesses Treatment
Treatment of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases all under one roof
Geriatric Syndromes
Management of Dementia, Malnutrition, Debility, Falls, etc
Preventive Medicine
Smoking cessation, Obesity and Weight loss counselling, Screening for Cancers.
Counselling For Stress
A session of discussing your stresses and exploring ways to decrease them in an effective way
Acute And Chronic Pain Treatments
Diagnosis and treatment of cause of pain and effective ways to achieve long lasting relief from pain
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