The Most Common Chronic Diseases You Need to Know About

Chronic diseases are now taking over the globe very rapidly, effecting a huge portion of the population worldwide. Chronic diseases are often related to age and an increasing age exerts a higher risk of chronic diseases. There are various chronic diseases which are now found all over the world....

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Urinary Tract Infection In The Elderly

What is UTI? Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is a bacterial infection of the urinary system. Your urine which is a byproduct of kidneys doesn’t normally contain bacteria. However, bacteria can get into your urinary system from some external source, leading to inflammation and infections like UTI. If left...

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Lower Extremity Edema or Swelling In Lower Legs

Have you noticed your socks getting tighter and pants feeling snug – this might be quite indicative of the onset of Edema. Lower extremity Edema is the swelling of lower legs. Edema is basically a medical term for swelling and it is caused by a number of reasons –...

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Top 10 Checklist For Better Health And Aging In 2021

With the world moving at a much faster pace demands from us to acclimatize to this fastness and with that being said – has its own prerequisites to become accustomed to this new pace. You must have noticed how the paradigms of living have changed just over a decade...

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