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Age-Friendly Services For Sugar Land Citizens

Age-Friendly Services for Sugar Land Citizens As we progress through life, we should keep in mind that the individuals who have cared for us our entire lives are becoming older. They genuinely want care and affection to begin to experience a healthy and fulfilled life and happily ever in their...

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Let’s Discuss Dementia Care Tips Older Adults Must Follow

Let’s Discuss Dementia Care Tips Older Adults Must Follow Research shows that almost 55 million people across the globe have dementia. Almost 60% of those having this condition belong to low- and middle-income countries. For those unaware, dementia refers to the impaired ability of a person to think rationally...

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How Is Dementia Affecting The Mental Health Of Elderly People?

Did you know a recent study depicts that the population comprising people aged 60 or above will rise to 22% by the end of 2050? Experts suggest that taking care of one’s mental health is an important thing to do, especially after crossing your 50s. A lot of older adults across...

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Some Common Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that according to a research, more than 25 million people out of the entire population of the world are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? This number is estimated to rise to 152 million by the year 2050 if there are no major breakthroughs regarding its treatment. Needless...

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Top 10 Checklist For Better Health And Aging In 2021

With the world moving at a much faster pace demands from us to acclimatize to this fastness and with that being said – has its own prerequisites to become accustomed to this new pace. You must have noticed how the paradigms of living have changed just over a decade...

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