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Which screening tests are included for Immigration Physical Examination?

Screening Tests for Immigration Physical Examination Introduction For immigration to other countries like the United States, it is essential to qualify for the immigration medical examination. Consequently, it is an important part to complete the immigration process. It is done to ensure public safety and to prevent the spread...

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Most Common Conditions of Geriatric Syndrome

Most Common Conditions of Geriatric Syndrome Introduction Geriatric syndrome falls in cognitive impairment and delirium, depression, and polypharmacy. These are all common geriatric disorders that affect older persons with cancer. The existence of these disorders may impact overall tolerance of therapy and the quality of life, and perhaps survival. People...

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The Most Common Chronic Diseases You Need to Know About

Chronic diseases are now taking over the globe very rapidly, effecting a huge portion of the population worldwide. Chronic diseases are often related to age and an increasing age exerts a higher risk of chronic diseases. There are various chronic diseases which are now found all over the world....

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