Is Sugar Craving a Symptom of Diabetes or Deficiency of Vitamin B-12?

Have you been craving for something sweet to eat? Perhaps, you want to grab a chocolate bar from the fridge? Regardless, it is vital to understand that sugar cravings can be caused by a lot of things. In order to discuss the causes of sugar cravings, it is essential to understand what happens to our body during the duration it desires for a sweet dish like a cake or pie. 

Sugar cravings occur due to blood sugar imbalance. This happens when a person consumes something sweet, which causes spikes in blood sugar. At the same time, the human body releases insulin in order to control the sudden rise in blood sugar. What’s important to realize here is that insulin produced by our bodies can bring the blood sugar level to an extremely low point, contributing to us craving for a chocolate or any other sweet eatable. 

One simple way of controlling such spikes is consuming items that does not make our body release too much insulin upon consumption. You need to consume fruits and other eatable enriched with healthy fats and protein. For instance, you can eat nuts, avocados, chia seeds, dark chocolate, eggs, flax seeds, fatty fish, etc. Experts also suggest people not to skip meals during the day as it can also make their blood sugar level drop. 

Now to answer the primary question i.e. if sugar craving is a symptom of diabetes or vitamin B-12 deficiency, we need to dive into the details. Let’s begin the discussion.

Everything You Need To Know About Type 2 Diabetes 

Did you know that according to a research report provided by the ‘Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC),’ 30.3 million American adults have type 2 diabetes? It is a chronic condition in which an individual’s blood sugar levels become extremely high. Physicians suggest that recognizing the symptoms in the early stages can help you get the required treatment before at the right time. 

Following are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes; 

  • You will mostly feel tired and fatigued due to the reduced transfer of sugar from the bloodstream into the cells of your body. 
  • You will start urinating frequently as your kidney begin to remove the excess sugar from the blood. One might feel the urge to use the restroom a lot specifically during nighttime. 
  • Frequent urination leads to dehydration which ultimately makes you more thirsty than usual. 
  • Type 2 diabetes patients feel hungrier as their body breaks down whatever they consume into glucose, so it can be used as fuel. Since it does not move from the bloodstream into the patients’ cells, they get hungry often. 

Other signs of type 2 diabetes include slow healing, blurry vision, dark skin patches, itching, and numbness in different body parts. In answer to the main question, yes, you might crave sugary eatables as feeling hungry is one of the major symptoms of type 2 diabetes. However, this may not always be the case as sugar cravings can be caused by other things too. It is vital to see if there are other signs as well before developing a final diagnosis. 

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Let’s Talk About The Deficiency Of Vitamin B-12

According to physicians with years of experience in the health field, vitamin B-12 is a necessity if a person wishes to have healthy nervous system and blood cells. You can easily increase the intake of vitamin B-12 by consuming items like dairy products, poultry, fish, meat, etc. 

Failure to eat these consumables can lead to deficiency of vitamin B-12 which can have the following symptoms; 

  • Weakness 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss 
  • Tiredness 
Nutritional Status of Adolescents: Role in Weakness and Fatigue | Nutripedia

This deficiency may seem like a minor issue, but you should not ignore it as it can turn into a huge problem overtime. For instance, vitamin B-12 deficiency can lead to an illness called anemia which is associated with the reduction of red blood cells from your body. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen within the bloodstream. 

A study conducted by a prestigious body figured out that 20% of the participants had anemia resulting from the deficiency of vitamin B-12. They had pale skin, chest pain, headache, and suffered through dizziness as well as fatigue, all of which are signs of anemia. One can also lose their sense of taste and smell while experiencing shortness of breath upon getting anemia. 

In answer to the question, people with B-12 deficiency suffer from loss of appetite. This simply means that sugar craving is not one of the symptoms. However, there a few supplements to tackle B-12 deficiency that can trigger blood sugar levels, making you want to eat something sweet. 

The Bottom Line 

We thoroughly discussed both conditions, diabetes and deficiency of vitamin B-12. It is safe to say that sugar cravings are sometimes, but not always a symptom of these two conditions. Furthermore, you need to go see a doctor as soon as the aforementioned symptoms become visible.