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How Primary Care Physicians Manage Practices Of Dementia?

Who is a primary care physician? Anyone you contact for the first time upon incurring a health issue is known as a primary care physician. Such doctors specialize in general internal medicine while providing comprehensive care to the patient throughout their condition. This includes the doctor you visit whenever...

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How Does The Primary Care Of Telfair Help You Age With Dignity & Grace?

Research conducted by a prestigious organization concluded that 1 in 7 Americans aged over 70 have dementia. Doctors around the world also believe that prolonged diabetes can lead to cardiovascular diseases.  Some humans tend to develop certain medical conditions as they grow older. People often classify aging as a...

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How Is Dementia Affecting The Mental Health Of Elderly People?

Did you know a recent study depicts that the population comprising people aged 60 or above will rise to 22% by the end of 2050? Experts suggest that taking care of one’s mental health is an important thing to do, especially after crossing your 50s. A lot of older adults across...

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How An Internist Can Promote Older Parent’s Health?

Before seeking the help of an internist to ask them to assist you with your parent’s health and medical conditions, it is vital to understand a few important points. Do you know who is an internist? They are medical specialists who studies and specializes in internal diseases.  They are...

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