What is Dementia – A Short Talk on Dementia By Dr Aliya Islam Internal Medicine Physician and Geriatrician in Telfair

Dementia is a medical illness that causes changes in the patient’s memory. it causes changes in language functioning as well as personality. I don’t want to dementia Patients should refer themselves to their primary care physician for thorough assessment. Once the primary care physician assesses the patient he could be prescribed medications that could help in the treatment of dementia. A thorough assessment would include a physical exam, laboratory test, and possibly neuro imaging. Sometimes the patient may require a neurology referred. A neurologist going to further tests to determine the cause of dementia. Causes of Dementia:- There are several causes of dementia as alzheimer is the most common, frontotemporal lewy body dementia are some other ones. Thank you very much for listening to a talk please call us at primary care of telfair for further assistance have a good day.