Which screening tests are included for Immigration Physical Examination?

Screening Tests for Immigration Physical Examination


For immigration to other countries like the United States, it is essential to qualify for the immigration medical examination. Consequently, it is an important part to complete the immigration process. It is done to ensure public safety and to prevent the spread of any contagious disease. The person who failed the immigration medical examination is inadmissible to the United States.

This test is the main hindrance to getting a green card and is necessary to show at an immigration interview. This article contains complete information about the screening tests that are likely to be performed and a guide to preparing for them. However, before heading to the screening tests, you must know about the doctors for this exam.

Selection of Doctor for Immigration Medical Exam

Not every doctor has the authority to perform this immigration examination. There are two types of doctors that could do the job.

  • Doctors approved by the government if you are in the United States
  • Authorized panel physicians, if you are outside the United State

You may get to choose the doctor for your physical examination. However, you must check for the fees and availability of the doctor before choosing the one.

Medical History of the Patient

The medical history of the applicant is of great interest to the doctors for the immigration examination. The doctor will ask many questions to check if:

  • You have ever suffered from the serious physical or mental disease
  • You have suffered from any contagious disease
  • There is ever any loss in the proper functionality of your body due to any serious illness
  • You are a drug addict

Drug abuse is the major subject of interest there. Doctors will ask questions to you to know about any habitual use of the drugs. All the drug abusers are inadmissible to the United States. However, addicts who are in remission are not included in this category. Similarly, the addicts can go for the exam again once they have gotten rid of this addiction. You can also consult with an immigration attorney to get knowledge about the possible circumstances you could face during this session.

Physical Tests for Immigration Medical Examination

Several physical screening tests are for the immigration physical examination. It also includes checking for the vaccination certificates for the diseases that are vaccinable. Certain basic tests are performed to examine the throat, nose, eyes, ears, etc., and other parts of the body.

X-rays of the chest and other blood tests are the main parts of it. These tests are mainly for the diseases like tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis. Likewise, proper vaccination against other contagious diseases is also needed. Like in 2021, everyone needs to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Only a negative test report and vaccination certificate make you able to enter other countries.

Mental Examination for Immigration

The mental examination for immigration will assess your mental status. These are performed to know about the behaviors and mood of the person who is applying for the immigration process. This medical examination also assesses your mental and physical condition.

A person with harmful behaviors is ineligible for immigration. These behaviors can be the result of any mental or physical sickness in past. These are likely to recur or can be the cause of more harmful behavior toward others. These behaviors could be hurtful to the people around you. Therefore, the person needs to be in a stable physical and mental condition to be admissible.

Cost of the Immigration Medical Examination

There is no standard fee for immigration medical examination. It only depends on the two things.

  1. Country of the test
  2. The doctor you have chosen

The average fee is approximately 200 dollars. However, it may vary from 100 to 400 dollars. In fact, you can check for various authorized doctors to get many options. Choose the one who is suitable for you. Also, pay heed to the indirect amount you have to pay for these tests like traveling and staying in the other city for the exam.

What Happens After Completing the Medical Examination?

The process after the completion of the medical examination varies according to your country. In some places, results are delivered to the embassy of the United States. While in other countries, a sealed envelope encloses your reports.

You have to submit these sealed results along with Form I-693 that will be completed by the civil surgeon at the USCIS interview. The results of your reports are only valid for up to 2 years. You need to retake the immigration medical examination after this validity period.


Immigration medical examination is essential to block the entry of the applicants that can be a risk to the residents of a country. Above are all the physical and mental tests that can be possibly performed in this session. It only lasts for 20 minutes to an hour.

You can also apply for a waiver to save yourself from inadmissibility issues. There may be some conditions to get a waiver. USCIS grants it after consultation with the centers for disease control and prevention.

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